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"I recently started seeing Dr. Gruft. It is so nice to have a doctor who actually listened to you."

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Meet Dr. Gruft 

Health center is under the medical direction of James Gruft, MD. Dr. Gruft  has run effective pain management programs in Chicago area for over 20 years.

From Pain To Wellness LLC was founded by Dr. James H. Gruft to help people throughout the Chicago area, both manage their pain, and transform their overall health. 

Nationally recognized by physicians as one of the premier pain specialists practicing today, Dr. Gruft is unique in his approach to pain management and to preventative medicine. From Pain To Wellness LLC is holistic, integrative, and highly successful.

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James Gruft, MD, board-certified in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and assistant professor at Rush Medical College and author of From Pain to Wellness: Getting Help and Finding Freedom from Chronic Pain explains and shares his knowledge and experience through his educational blog and podcast series answering key questions such as:


  • Why is chronic pain so unresponsive to treatment?

  • Why is it that so many health care professionals cant help their patients face the truth?

  • How to approach and treat chronic pain?


Wellness Offerings

Comprehensive Pain Management

The most important issue in pain management is to improve quality of life and function through medication management, physical therapy and stress management.

Physical Therapy 

Physical Therapy (PT) programs provide services that help restore function, improve mobility, relieve pain, and prevent or limit permanent physical disabilities of patients suffering from injuries or disease.

Tests Offered

  • Allergy Testing

  • Nutritional Deficiency Testing

  • Gastrointestinal Testing

  • Hormonal Testing

Stress Management

Psychologists study how the brain and the rest of the nervous system determine what we perceive, feel, think, say. Stress management gives us coping tools for life.

Nutritional & Functional Medicine

Part of the overall scheme of becoming whole is to critically assess what comes into our body and make choices that optimize what foods and nutrients are most likely to heal tissues and restore function. 

From Pain To Wellness LLC provides comprehensive therapeutic lifestyle education. Our team emphasizes education and positive reinforcement models in helping patients meet their health goals.


"Dr. Gruft and the From Pain to Wellness staff are Golden. I have been dealing with medical issues for a number of years and have had and currently have more than a few doctors. He is unlike any healthcare provider I have come across. He actually listens to what I have to say and takes the time to consider my issues. I always feel at ease and have had nothing but positive experiences during the years I have been a patient there. I'm very appreciative to have Pain to Wellness help me deal with this aspect of my medical issues"

-Liz, Patient

"I recently started seeing Dr. Gruft. It is so nice to have a doctor who actually listened to you. He also treats you with respect. I have had 8 back surgeries, and medication is literally life-saving for me. I also love the therapist Dr. Kennedy who is right on the premises. The staff is great also. They return your call very quickly"

-Tracy, Patient

"You won't find a better and more knowledgeable doctor than

Dr. Gruft. He has gone over and above my needs and even gave me a little insight as to my son's back problems just because he truly cares. I have so much nerve damage and disk issues it's almost unlivable but he was the only doctor I found that has worked. It's hard to find the proper ways to make my life worth living again, at least for now. In closing, I hope to God he doesn't retire before I retire for good because I don't know what i would do."

-Bruce, Patient
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