Healing Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual Pain in Isolation, an article for...

Everywhere you look, the news is blaring about the enormous impact of Covid -19, a new virus spreading throughout the globe. The whole world seems to have been brought to its knees by a virus. What exactly is a virus and how does it work? One dictionary definition explains that a virus is an ultramicroscopic infectious agent usually regarded as nonliving, although it has DNA and RNA, and is capable of growth and multiplication but only in living cells.

As a pain physician, here are my recommendations: For your physical pain, start to do stretches and light exercise like walking, and adding more if you are already an exerciser. For your emotional pain, forgive, forget and re-engage. For your spiritual pain, reach out to the Creator or to the virtue you find most ennobling, and silently let that power into your heart and soul.

We may find more peace, accompanied by quieter streets, cleaner air, and a view of the stars in the sky more glorious than ever.

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