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Comprehensive Pain Management

The most important issue in pain management is a focus on managing chronic pain symptoms as opposed to forcing a “quick fix” or masking symptoms without addressing their root and meaning. Pain management generally encompasses a variety of techniques to be used in combination over time. 

This multi-modal approach can includes medication management interventions, physical medicine, and frequently involves lifestyle changes (e.g. diet, exercise, stress management) for optimal management of symptoms.



Physical Therapy 

Our Physical Therapy (PT) provide services that help restore function, improve mobility, relieve pain, and prevent or limit permanent physical disabilities of patients suffering from injuries or disease.

Those who undergo PT at From Pain To Wellness LLC learn and perfect effective pain management and injury prevention techniques. Patients who complete our PT treatment learn the skills necessary to restore, maintain, and advance their overall fitness and health.



Stress Management Therapies

Are you or your loved ones experiencing strain in your relationships with family or friends? Are you having depressed mood or anxiety from the effects pain has on your life?

Being poorly understood, chronic pain is even more perplexing to family members and/or friends. Also, the effects pain has on your ability to perform activities may be difficult to communicate to loved ones. Biopsychology studies how the brain and the rest of the nervous system determine what we perceive, feel, think, say, and do this may prove to be the ultimate challenge for the human brain.



Nutrition and Functional Medicine

Part of the overall scheme of becoming whole is to critically assess what comes into our body and make choices that optimize what foods and nutrients are most likely to heal tissues and restore function. 

From Pain To Wellness LLC provides comprehensive therapeutic lifestyle changes (TLC). Our team emphasizes education and positive reinforcement models in helping patients meet their health goals.



Tests Offered

Are you or your loved ones experiencing:

  • Inability to focus and/or perform tasks at work due to pain?

  • Constant Fatigue?

  • Sudden drops in energy levels throughout the day?

  • Bloating, tiredness, and/or changes in mood after eating a meal?

Through comprehensive nutrient and allergy testing, as well as dietary analysis, the reason for these symptoms is often determined and an effective treatment is prescribed.


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