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If you want to restore your health, maintain wellness, and perform at your best, you must support your body with the nutrients it needs. Healthy nutrition also goes a long way toward easing chronic pain. James Gruft, MD, FAAPMR, DABPM, Stacie Wharton, PA, and the specialists at From Pain To Wellness LLC, in Oakbrook Terrace, Illinois, offer nutritional testing to determine your nutritional status and develop a nutraceutical intervention that meets your needs. To learn more about nutritional testing, call the office or schedule an appointment through online booking today.

Nutritional Testing

Why might I need nutritional testing?

Even though it’s best to get adequate nutrition through your diet, you can eat a balanced diet and still have a nutritional deficiency. For example, cutting calories and limiting your food intake may also mean that you don’t get enough nutrients.

Another problem occurs when you fill your diet with foods that have little nutritional value. You’re also at risk of having nutrient deficiencies, especially if you:

  • Struggle with chronic pain
  • Have a chronic health condition
  • Live with daily stress or anxiety
  • Are sick or injured
  • Have allergies
  • Develop recurrent infections
  • Engage in intense athletics or competitive sports

Your body burns more calories and demands more nutrients than the normal daily requirement when you have any of the above conditions.

What is measured during nutritional testing?

The team recommends nutritional testing to determine if you have a deficiency or problem with any vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, essential amino acids, essential fatty acids, or macronutrients. During your testing, they also assess digestion and absorption and screen for toxic metals.

What is the procedure for nutritional testing?

Nutritional testing at From Pain To Wellness includes a urine test and a blood test. They ask you to pick up a urine collection kit from the health center.

After the lab sends your results, the results will be interpreted and we will determine your nutritional needs. Depending on the type and extent of your deficiencies, your provider may only need to create a plan to address your nutritional deficiencies.

To schedule nutritional testing, call From Pain To Wellness LLC, or book an appointment online today.